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Brenda Grate Fine art

 Artist and Art Teacher 

Artist Statement

I paint because I feel the need to express my unique vision of the world around me. I am a self-taught artist, but give a lot of credit to the online courses and workshop teachers I have met along the way. Each one imparted something important that has informed my practice. Art is something I do, not only because I enjoy it, but because it is vital to my peace of mind. If I’m having a bad day, drawing can bring me around to feeling good and having a better outlook on life. I paint in watercolour, coloured pencil, and pastel. Each one has special qualities and I choose the medium based on the subject I want to portray. I love variety both in my work and in my life. Working in several different mediums keeps my work fresh and interesting.


Watercolour was my first love. I have moved on to include other media, but it will still remain one of my favourites to work with.

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Coloured Pencil

Coloured pencil is a time-consuming, but lovely medium and I really enjoy working with it. I’ve been featured in Colored Pencil Magazine, something I’m very proud of.

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My newest and most exciting medium has been pastel. I use pan pastels and “paint” the pastel on to the surface with brush-like tools. I also teach this medium.

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